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Kingstowne - Alexandria

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Kingstowne is a planned community of over 5100 homes in the Franconia-Springfield area of Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County, just outside the Capital Beltway circling Washington, D.C. The community offers ready access to Interstates 395 and 495, and to the Franconia-Springfield and Van Dorn Street stations on Washington’s Metrorail system, providing an easy commute to the Washington area’s major employment centers. For demographic information on the area, click here.


In 2002 Kingstowne hit a very important milestone in its development. Construction on the first neighborhood began around 1987. The construction of the last residential neighborhood began in late 2002 and should be finished by 2004. It will be approximately 15 years from the first neighborhood being built to the final completion of the last neighborhood. Community wide celebrations will mark the event.


The first thing one notices when entering a Kingstowne community is the brick wall entrances featuring lush landscaping. This has been a signature of the community for kingstowne3people driving through. Additionally, as the construction phase comes to its completion, the community is focusing on how to maintain and enhance the elements important to the way of life in Kingstowne. Years ago the plans included facilities for social events, community pools, areas for workout space and equipment and social programs for the young and the old. To that end, two large community centers have been developed and prove to be an overwhelming success and set Kingstowne apart from other communities. Plans also include rezoning to add tennis courts, volleyball courts and picnic areas surrounding the South Village Center and the Thompson Center (pictured here).

kingstowne2 A 76-acre park has also been opened for Kingstowne community members to enjoy. The park is located south of the Stratford Place condos on Kingstowne Village Parkway. The park was originally planned for active amenities such as baseball and soccer fields but those plans ended when most of the area was designated as wetlands. Now the park is a passive facility with pathways for walking and nature gazing throughout the park area and along the three existing containment ponds.


The goals formed over a decade ago to make Kingstowne a recognizable name, to assure it was associated with a high real estate value and to make it known as a wonderful place to live have now become a reality. The last round of County tax assessments (2002), although extraordinarily painful from a personal finance perspective, proved the plan was a success. Kingstowne home values were higher on a comparison basis than homes in other surrounding neighborhoods. These increases were a direct result of sale prices of homes in Kingstowne. In fact, you could say that Kingstowne was a victim of its own success! The goal years ago was to create a scenario where if there were relatively equal homes for sale, one in Kingstowne and one in a neighboring community, the plans called for the Kingstowne area home to be more desirable and to sell first and hopefully for higher than those of neighboring communities. With the help of low interest rates and a strong market, that is exactly what happened. Homes in Kingstowne often sell in a matter of days.


KROC is moving towards annexing several communities of single-family homes into Kingstowne. One of these is currently being developed and will feature 70 single-family homes. The KROC board has felt strongly for years that the percentage of single-family homes in Kingstowne is far too low. Many residences whose first homes in Kingstowne were townhouses, condos or apartments want to move up into something bigger as their families grow, but still want to stay in Kingstowne. Kingstowne stands to gain recognition from the outside world that it is not just a townhouse community but truly a mixture of different house types including a larger number of single family homes.

The Community’s services are operated by the Kingstowne Residential Owners Corporation (KROC). To learn more about the KROC and its services, click on